Community-Based Learning and Community Engagement


 History class on a walking tour of Chinatown with the Chinese Historical Society

Carrying forward the community-based origins of Asian American Studies, IDAAS encourages students and faculty to engage with the community through courses and projects that use community-based learning. In pursuit of this, we have listed various guides and resources, and look to provide support in any way we can.

Students and faculty are encouraged to contact the IDAAS Community Engagement Coordinator for ideas, support, and resources for community-based learning initiatives.

What can the Community Engagement Coordinator provide?

  • Transportation arrangements
  • Workshops on implementing community-based projects or curricula + grading structure Help in outreaching, connecting, and obtaining community partnerships
  • Resources, tips, and other materials on community-based/service learning
  • Money for books and other purposes
  • We are happy to find other ways to support your integration of community-based learning into your teaching!

For Faculty:

For Students:

Students are encouraged to come in and speak with the Community Engagement Coordinator for questions about CBL and potential community partners and community projects.

For Community Organzations:

If you are interested in working with the Intercollegiate Dept. of Asian American Studies (IDAAS) at the Claremont Colleges, please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator at

To view a list of possible courses to work with, click here.

Other Resources:


Understanding Community-Based Learning: