IDAAS Courses for First Year Students

First year students are encouraged to take “ASAM101 PZ: Intro to Asian American Studies (1/2 credit),” “ASAM125 HM: Intro to Asian American History” and “SOC150AA: Contemporary Asian American Issues.”

Other Asian American Studies classes are also open to first-years without prerequisites. These include:

  • ASAM090 PZ: Community Studies;
  • ASAM102 PZ: Social Responsibility Praxis (1/2 credit);
  • ASAM105 PZ: Zines, Creativity, Community;
  • ASAM126 HM: Intro to Pacific Islander History;
  • ASAM160 SC: Asian American Women’s Experiences;
  • ASAM175 PZ: Asian American Comics: Racial Politics;
  • ASAM179E SC: Asian/Americans and Popular Culture;
  • ASAM 189A: Music in Asian America;
  • ENGL161 SC: The Futures of Asian/America;
  • MS100 PZ: Asian Americans in Media;
  • MUS126 SC: Music in East Asia and its American Diasporas;
  • SOC126AA: Immigration and the New Second Generation;
  • THEA001G: Acting for Social Change; and
  • THEA115M: Race and Contemporary Performance.

Both ASAM125 and SOC150 are survey courses that introduce students to major theories, methods, and foundations to the field. Students who take either or both of these courses will be well-prepared to take upper division courses. These courses are also excellent preparations for analytical thinking, critical thinking skills, and communications across the curriculum. Both courses are required for the Asian American Studies major.

ASAM101 PZ, ASAM125 HM, ASAM189A, ENGL161 SC, MS100 PZ, THEA001G and THEA115M will be offered fall 2019, while ASAM105 PZ, ASAM126 HM, ASAM160 SC, ASAM175 PZ, MUS126 SC, and SOC150 will be offered spring 2020.