11/14/2012 ~ Faculty Brown Bag with CGU Professor Susan Paik

“Asian American Diversity and Education: Historical Perspectives on Current Issues”

As the fastest-growing immigrant population in the U.S., Asian Americans are diverse in culture, tradition, language, and history. This presentation provides a survey of the historical context of immigration of all major Asian American groups, and links these experiences to their current educational outcomes. Based on an adapted model of incorporation, the findings illustrate the diversity that exists across major Asian American groups in terms of immigration, acculturation, and educational attainment. Co-ethnic communities, government policies, and societal reception are also important factors that impact their upward mobility. While many Asian Americans in general perform well in schools, some groups continue to struggle academically. Key stakeholders can collaborate and build partnerships to support positive opportunity structures.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
12:00 p.m.
IDAAS Seminar Room, Lincoln 1121, Pomona

Read Prof. Paik’s bio here.